Deep Red "Lola" Dressing Gown

Deep Red "Lola" Dressing Gown

$499.99 — On sale

The "Lola" dressing gown will make all your showgirl fantasies come true!

Dramatic sheer dressing gown, trimmed with plush marabou. Gown is made from a delicately sheer, yet hardy english net. This gown is extravagantly enhanced with three thick sections of luxurious marabou on the shawl collar, sleeves and skirt. Ties at waist with same-fabric sash

One size.

70" length center back
Sleeves 23" length
Sleeve opening 22" circumference
Shoulder seam (from top of sleeve to other top of other sleeve!) 20"

Please allow for slight color variations. The fabric and feathers will look quite different in different lighting conditions. And in different locations. And when shot on different devices. And when posted on different sites. And on different screens.

Expedited shipping is also available.

Also, we will require a telephone contact number, this is mandatory information for our shipping labels (for our carrier to contact you if there is an issue with delivery). All of your personal information will be kept confidential, but we will not be able to ship to you without it.

All items shipped with insurance and signature required upon delivery unless otherwise requested. If you choose to waive the required signature, the shipping company will not be able to provide coverage if your package is lost after delivery.

Decadent loungewear is our thing, boxes are not. We feel that it’s more ecologically sound to ship in minimal packing materials. Your gown will safely travel first class with full insurance and arrive in a jiffy, but with less packing materials for you to recycle later.

The"Lola", “Cassandra” style (and other large gown styles) will be shipped in a box sized about 9”x9”x12”. Your gown will be snug in the box, but not damaged by the compact packaging. Upon arrival, we recommend that you let your gown hang to allow the feathers to reach maximum fluff again! Your gown will LOVE a light steaming to bring the full volume of the feather trim to all its glory. We pack our larger gowns in this box to keep your shipping and insurance charges manageable. If you prefer your gown shipped in a larger box, please contact us to arrange for shipping in a large gift box. We will then calculate the higher shipping rate to your delivery address and add a link for payment of the additional ship fee. The “Beverly” (and other smaller gown styles) will ship in a gift box enclosed in a shipping box.

We do ship globally. International shipments may be subject to your government customs fee/tax. Our shipments within the US will generally arrive in 2 business days from time of shipment. Our shipments outside of the US generally arrive in about a week or less.

No refunds or returns on gowns. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have prior to purchase, there is a contact form here at the store to reach us via email.

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